New Midnight Moon edition

In the Studio July 2020

Midnight Moon, a new edition!

Midnight Moon editioning began in March, while it was still cold in the studio. Here it is July, and the prints are now complete.

The project starts with handmade mulberry paper (kozo) that has gaps between the fibers.  When the washi is made the fibers swirl in suspension. When the washi is dried and colored, it looks like a deep night sky filled with stars. Each print in the edition of 32 is hand-painted using indigo & ultramarine blue pigments. When painting, my studio floor becomes a huge palette. I love the variations in the blues. Each piece is unique due to the handmade process.

After the printing and gluing each print, they are backed with another handmade paper to strengthen the work and add a contrasting color to the blues. I make all the crescent moons and its penumbra by hand. The final step is to assemble all the parts, and dry the prints. When I spread out the completed prints on my floor, I look for any finishing touches before signing each print. A sea of prints covers the studio floor.

Phosphorescent pigments add a subtle glow to the moon and penumbra which are visible at night


Midnight Moon

aquatint on indigo-dyed hand made mulberry paper with washi chine collé, phosphorescent pigment, edition 32, 26 x 22.5” (66 x 57cm)
part of the Luminosity series
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