Meditation Through Art: Color Explorations

Meditation Through Art: half-day Zoom seminar Nov 21 morning (Japan time)

Color Explorations: Contact Through Creating

Japan: Sat Nov 21st, morning 9 am-12 pm (3 hrs)

US/Canada: Fri Nov 20th evening

time zones:   16:00-19:00pm PST

                          17:00-20:00pm MST

                          19:00-22:00pm EST



 We are surrounded by color, but are we aware of its influence? Have you ever thought about the effect of color on our psychological state?  In this class we will explore color by making one-color paintings (mandalas) in a specific order, moving from calm to expansive.  This half-day seminar will be a continuation of the previous Meditation Through Art seminars. Guided art meditations will be offered as a meditative path towards gaining greater awareness. The art meditations are based on the text  “Unfolding Through Art” written by Namgyal Rinpoche, with whom I studied in 1998 and 2003.

The theme of the webinar will be: Color Explorations: Contact Through Creating

During the seminar we will:

-Prepare a meditative art space.

-Create Mandala paintings that explore color as a subject. We will investigate the effect of color on our state by creating artworks.

-Learn about color terms and types.

-Introduce the 7 factors of Awakening, and how this relates to our study.

-Review the meditative process, and share our art and insights.

-Engage in a question and answer discussion.

The course is open to all, regardless of experience with meditation or artYou will be involved in the creative process for 2 hours of the seminar and make 8-10 mandalas.


Materials, Zoom, and a Workspace

Please prepare the following before the class:

-Colors: a watercolor or gouache set ( paints are preferred as they are a bolder statement) OR colored crayons or soft colored pencils. (pictured: Holbein gouache, Caran d’Ache water-soluble Neocolor crayons, available on Amazon)

-a sketchbook at least 11 x 14″ (280 x 350 cm) or F4 size, thicker paper is best (above size is 16 x 20″ watercolor paper)

-a compass, ruler, pencil, and eraser

-several brushes for painting, water container, tissues

-a place to work (desk)  that is accessible from your computer. We will do the exercise during the class, and share what we have done.

– a computer, with a free Zoom account, which is easy to set up online.

(You do not need to have the text to take the course)


Registration is closed for this course listed on the dates above. Please check here for the most recent course listing of Meditation Through Art.


Rather than a set fee for the course, I invite you to give an amount that feels right for you. This is Dana, a Buddhist term that means generosity, or “donation from the heart”.   In the same way, a portion of the proceeds will be given to support Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center‘s new meditation hall. If Dana is new to you, a suggested range could be 30-60 USD.

Questions? Please feel free to email me.


I look forward to seeing you online soon.