Luminous R.B.G Series


My latest works honor the luminous nature and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. These five paperworks are part of my Constellation Series and celebrate the light and illuminating nature of R.B.G’s stance on equal rights for all persons. By seeing her glowing presence in the dark we are reminded of how the arc of justice always (eventually) leads towards the light.


R.B.G as a glowing constellation in the sky was my point of departure. I created lines with phosphorescent mulberry fibers which described the essence of the subject, using both handmade washi and antique indigo-dyed cotton for the background supports.


 (left) R.B.G. Constellation

(right) Luminous R.B.G.

Below is the completed Luminous R.B.G series on my studio wall in light and dark settings. The phosphorescent glow lasts for several hours and can be charged indefinitely by exposure to daylight.


title from left to right: R.B.G Constellation, Luminous R.B.G., When There Are Nine, Notorious, I Dissent

The crown is a reference to her nickname, the book “Notorious R.B.G,” and to the constellation Cassiopeia.

A friend recently commented that she hopes these special portraits “end up somewhere where they can be seen by many.”
This newsletter is a start. Please feel free to share it. Should you have any ideas on how to reach a larger audience, please feel free to contact me.


Notorious,  50 x 45 cm
as seen in the light and dark