Meditation Through Art: Color Explorations

Meditation Through Art: half-day Zoom seminar Nov 21 morning (Japan time) Color Explorations: Contact Through Creating Japan: Sat Nov 21st, morning 9 am-12 pm (3 hrs) US/Canada: Fri Nov 20th evening time zones:   16:00-19:00pm PST                           17:00-20:00pm MST                           19:00-22:00pm EST   Greetings!  We are surrounded by color, but are we aware of its influence? Have you ever thought about the effect of color on our psychological state?  In this class we will explore color by making one-color paintings (mandalas) in a specific order, moving from calm to expansive.  This half-day seminar will be a continuation of the previous Meditation Through Art seminars. Guided art meditations will be offered as a meditative path towards gaining greater awareness. The art meditations are based on the text  “Unfolding Through Art” written by Namgyal Rinpoche, with whom I studied in 1998 and 2003. The theme of the webinar will be: Color Explorations: Contact Through Creating During the seminar we will: -Prepare a meditative art space. -Create Mandala paintings that explore color as a subject. We will investigate the effect of […]