African Journal and Constellation series

May 2020

Lions in the Sky, mulberry paperwork with phosphorescent pigment, indigo & ultramarine, 32 x 42″

Spring is here, and the greens are bursting out, as we “shelter in place.” I hope you are safe and well during this challenging time. How wonderful it is to have art lovers and friends like you in my life. Thank you! I am finding this intense time to be an opportunity in the studio to search deeper.
Inspired by a trip we took to Namibia and South Africa in February, I invite you to view new works from the journey. Namibia is particularly spacious and the landscape stunning. The quality of light and color, animals in their natural habitat, starry nights, and ancient rock art were highlights of our experience. It was a chance to view nature on a grand scale and witness the natural balance of life and death in the animal kingdom. African Journal is a series of small original works (6 x 8″ ea) on washi. A selection from 20 works in the series, is below.

これらの経験をもとに作ったのが、「African Journal アフリカの旅」という、和紙を使った小さな作品シリーズです。

Constellation series

Prehistoric rock engravings at Twyfefontein Namibia inspired the animal drawings which combine with constellation symbols in the new Constellation series below.

I make the constellations and animals from long mulberry fibers flowed onto a screen.

ナミビアにある先史時代の岩の彫刻に刺激を受け、動物のドローイングを星座の記号と組み合わせてこのような新しい「Constellation 星座」シリーズができました。

Namibian Star Gaze, mulberry paperwork with phosphorescent pigment, indigo, 54 x 163 cm

African Sky Traces, mulberry paperwork with phosphorescent pigment, indigo, 54 x 163 cm

Morning giraffe, collage on washi, 22 x 16 cm

Desert Light, Namibia, watercolor 28 x 36 cm

Orix Glowing, mulberry paperwork with indigo and phosphorescence, 28 x 35 cm

Patterned, collage, ink on washi, 33×31 cm

Elephant on green, collage on washi, 22 x 18 cm

African Journal series

to inquire about the works, please email me