Journey to Kyoto

Journey to Kyoto

The Journey to Kyoto series is based on the format of a narrative scroll or “emaki,” pointing towards the journey the viewer makes with the artist. Six copper plates were etched to make one continuous image. Variations are intentional in these works, each one unique, some of which employ washi paper fibers as part of the design.
The landscape depicted is Mt. Hiei (left) Mt. Daimonji, the Kamo River, Kyoto city from a distance, Mt. Atago, Kameoka area and the Tango peninsula along the Japan Sea in Kyoto prefecture (right).

Journey To Kyoto2-w

Journey to the Sea of Japan-Showers-800

Journey to Kyoto, Clouds-800

Journey to Kyoto-silken skies-800

Moon over Mt Atago-800

Kyoto Passing By-800

Japan Seaside-800