LUMINOSITY Castellani Art Museum exhibition video

 “Between Two Worlds: Poured Paperworks by Sarah Brayer” included a special gallery for the LUMINOSITY series at the Castellani Art Museum. Watch as the phosphorescent poured paperworks reveal themselves in shifting light. Viewers enter a darkened gallery as a special soundtrack created by Steve Greene began. Viewers witnessed shifts in mind and perception during a 10 minute cycle of light, art and sound.

On View: The glowing art of Sarah Brayer

moonlight mondrian

BuffaloSpree December issue reviews  “Between Two Worlds: Paperworks by Sarah Brayer” on view at the Castellani Art Museum until Dec 21.

Moonlight Mondrian, which comprises two overlapping rectangular pieces of washi, offset and in an irregular cross. This phosphorescent paperwork which glows in low-level light,  hangs in a special darkened entrance made for the show. Beyond the vestibule is Brayer’s Luminosity Gallery which house several mural sized luminescent works.




Journey to Kyoto

Narrative scroll (emaki) which describes the artist’s journey from the Japan Sea to Kyoto. Aquatint etching with six plates printed as an original (edition of 1) on kozo paper (washi), 2014. Journey to Kyoto will be exhibited in a solo show, Between Two Worlds, at the Castellani Art Museum July 20 – December 2014.

Sarah Brayer speaks at TED

“Creating luminescent beauty in Japanese paper” was the title of my worldwide TED talk audition  in Tokyo.  You may view the talk here.

The TED experience is testament to the power of positive ideas, and how that reinforcement inspires listeners and speakers to both reach higher and go to new levels of expression.

I am grateful for the chance to speak about my passion for luminosity, paper, and light to an international audience.